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Perinatal Pearls - an introduction & your very first Pearl!

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Welcome to my blog Perinatal Pearls!

Let me introduce myself! I am Dr Miranda Bradley, a perinatal General Practitioner (GP) in Melbourne. I provide care and advice to women who are planning pregnancy, women who are currently pregnant, and to women and their babies after birth in the postnatal period.

A bit more about me...

I am mum of 3 kids, a wife and a medical doctor. I love playing and coaching basketball, playing tennis, dabbling in amateur photography and I have 2 cats and a puppy!

Professionally, I trained at Monash University (2001) and have worked in many medical roles both here in Australia, in the UK and also Singapore. I was awarded my Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (DRCOG) in London in 2005 and completed GP specialty training (MRCGP) in London in 2007. I have always had a passion for perinatal healthcare and founded Thrive Perinatal in early 2021.

My website gives a whole lot more detail, but basically I am a "one stop shop" perinatal doctor, helping future, expectant and new mums and babies with any physical and mental health needs that may arise.

My perinatal vision?

To provide a dedicated perinatal medical service that aims to comprehensively address ALL perinatal issues, helping future, new and expectant mums and their babies to thrive physically and emotionally at this important time in their lives.

What are Perinatal Pearls?

My blog "Perinatal Pearls" will be my way to pass on pearls of perinatal wisdom to my readers, snippets of information, tidbits and tips, in small, bite sized easy to read posts! Topics may include such things as pregnancy planning, fertility, pregnancy, preparation for birth and parenting, postnatal recovery, looking after a new baby, baby feeding and breastfeeding tips, the list goes on!

My Perinatal Pearl for today?

Today's blog post is more of an introduction, but I feel a Perinatal Pearl of wisdom is warranted.....

Some pregnancy definitions:

  1. Prenatal (before pregnancy)

  2. Antenatal (during pregnancy)

  3. Postnatal (after pregnancy)

  4. PERINATAL: "Peri" means around or near, "Natal" means birth.

Perinatal therefore means the period before, during and after birth.

Stay tuned for the next Perinatal Pearl!

Comment below if you have any topics you would like to hear about!

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