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Thrive Perinatal is a perinatal medical service offering  Home Visit & Telehealth

consultations in Melbourne.  Face to face consultations may be available in Armadale by individual arrangement. 

Telehealth Consultations

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  • Video Telehealth consultations may be booked by email enquiry.

  • All new patient appointments are a minimum of 30 minutes.

  • Follow-up appointments range from 15 to 60 minutes depending on individual need, number of issues and if the consultation is just for you or for both you and baby.  

  • You will need an appropriate device that has a camera, microphone and speakers and a reliable internet connection.

  • A Medicare rebate is available for some Telehealth consultations, see "Fees" for more detailed info. 

  • If you have seen Dr Bradley at any location for a face to face consultation in the previous 12 months, you are eligible for a Medicare rebate.

  • All children under 12 months of age are eligible for a Video Telehealth Medicare rebate. 

Home Visit Consultation


Thrive Perinatal offers Home Visit consultations to women in  Melbourne.     Please  see map below for the approximate area serviced.    

Please send a request via email if you wish to arrange a Home Visit consultation.


A standard Home Visit usually ranges from  60 - 75 minutes, a longer appointment time may be available depending on your individual circumstances and your location. 

FEES - Home Visits

See below section Home Visit Fees.  Medicare rebates apply and if registered & eligible for Medicare Safety Nets you will likely get back about 80% of the fee.  



Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, Home Visit consultation availability is based on the current Covid-19 risk and individual circumstances at the time.  


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Limited availability and by individual arrangement.

Face to face consultations - Armadale




  • Thrive Perinatal is a private billing medical service and does not Bulk Bill.

  • Medicare rebates are available for ALL Face to Face and Home Visit consultations.

  • *Medicare rebates apply for SOME Video Telehealth appointments, but not all. These criteria are changing frequently due to the current Covid-19 pandemic.  A Video Telehealth rebate is currently available if you fulfill  one of the below criteria:

    • You have seen Dr Miranda Bradley for a  face-to-face appointment within the last 12 months

    • Children under 12 months of age.

    • If you are currently in a Covid-19 Commonwealth declared hotspot, or are in isolation or quarantine because of a state public health order. 

    • "for the provision of services related to blood borne viruses, sexual or reproductive health". Please note there is NO rebate available for routine antenatal care.  

    • some pregnancy counselling services and some mental health services

  • You may receive back a Medicare rebate of up to 85% of the total fee charged if you have registered and are eligible for "Medicare Safety Nets" for this year. Many women who have had IVF or have just had a baby are eligible. See table below for more information.

  • Full payment is required on the day of your appointment using our secure online billing system.

  • Appointments on weekends, public holidays and during other unsociable hours are likely to incur a surcharge




The below table is a guide only, as fees & rebates can vary depending on duration of consultation, number of patients seen, Medicare eligibility, Medicare Safety Nets eligibility, & the latest ever changing Covid-19 government regulations.  (See above information  for the current criteria.)

Home Visit Fees  - available on enquiry or discussed at your initial consultation.

Home Visit Fees are higher than Surgery or Telehealth consultation  fees to cover travel travel time & expenses etc, but attract a higher  Medicare Rebate. Home Visit fees vary as they are dependant on:

  • duration of Home Visit consultation

  • number of patients seen at visit 

  • Home Visit location & travel time/distance

  • Sociable or unsociable hours, eg weekdays, evenings, weekends, public holidays

  • Medicare eligibility and Medicare Safety Nets eligibility

All Home Visits are eligible for a Medicare rebate.   If you are registered and eligible for Extended Medicare Safety Nets you may receive back up to 80% of the charged fee. 

Please send an email enquiry if you wish to know more.  


NOTE:  **Registering for Medicare Safety Nets is a separate process to having registered your baby for a Medicare card.** 

  • When you spend over a certain amount in "out of pocket" medical expenses in a calendar year (which is often the case when you have a baby or have had fertility treatment), Medicare give you a higher amount back for the rest of the calendar year. Medicare will often pay you a benefit of 80% of the "Out of Pocket" amount.  This makes a consultation with Thrive Perinatal much more affordable.

  • The Safety Nets are calculated each calendar year, 1 January to 31 December. 

  • You need to register and confirm your family members with Medicare to combine your costs.  It is recommend you do this ASAP.  Calling Medicare and speaking to someone in person is the best way to register and find out your eligibility. (Medicare phone number:  132 011, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day) It is highly recommended this is done BEFORE your first appointment with Thrive Perinatal.

  • Please see  this website for more information

Fees Table
What is Medicare safety nets

Cancellation Policy

We understand that unplanned issues can come up and you may need to cancel an appointment.  We respectfully ask for scheduled appointments to be cancelled with as much notice as possible so that we can give your appointment time to another person.

To cancel your appointment please please send an email to

Cancellation Policy

Telehealth and Face to Face consultation
Cancellation Policy

Telehealth appointments need to be cancelled at least 2 hours in advance.  If you cancel your Telehealth appointment with less than 2 hours notice a cancellation fee of 50% of the cost of the cancelled Telehealth appointment may be charged. This fee is not claimable with Medicare.

Home Visit

Cancellation Policy

Due to the planning and time that needs to be allocated in scheduling a Home Visit consultation, we ask that Home Visit consultations are cancelled at least 24 hours in advance.   Should you cancel your Home Visit with less than 24 hours notice, a cancellation fee of $100 will be charged.    This fee is not claimable with Medicare.

Home Visit
consultation area

Map of the approximate area serviced

by Thrive Perinatal.

Home visit consultation map
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