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Dr Miranda Bradley thrive perinatal GP

Dr Miranda Bradley

Dr Miranda Bradley is a General Practitioner and a mum of three. 


Miranda has had a passion for working in perinatal health ever since being a medical student at Monash University.  She graduated from Monash in 2001 and over the last 20 years she has worked in many medical roles, gaining substantial experience and knowledge in roles with a specific focus on perinatal care, such as obstetrics, gynaecology, neonatology,  paediatrics, emergency medicine & general medicine.  Keen to pursue her broader interest in all aspects of perinatal health, she chose a career in General Practice, completing her specialist GP training  with honours in the United Kingdom in 2007.   Since that time, Miranda has worked in various roles in the United Kingdom , Singapore and in her hometown of Melbourne. 

Miranda always found that a short GP consultation was never enough time to provide to new mums and babies the type of comprehensive care she valued.   She had a vision, to create a medical service that could offer longer, more comprehensive perinatal care, a service that could also be provided to women and their new babies in their own home, and founded Thrive Perinatal in early 2021.  She is now also consulting at an exciting new multidisciplinary mother and baby clinic, Maternal Infant Wellbeing Melbourne, opening in February 2023.

When not at work or visiting new mums and babies in their homes, Miranda spends her time being a taxi driver for her children, playing basketball and tennis, dabbling in amateur photography ( @drmirandabradley), cuddling her 2 cats and walking her dog.

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