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Thrive  -  to prosper, flourish or bloom

Perinatal  -  the period from the conception of a child through to the first year after birth

What is Thrive Perinatal

A unique mobile medical service by GP Dr Miranda Bradley, offering Perinatal Home Visit and Telehealth consultations in the eastern & surrounding suburbs of Melbourne. Dr Miranda is a GP with a passion for helping women during their journey through pregnancy and into motherhood, a time known as the "perinatal" period. 


Thrive Perinatal aims to help future, new and expectant mums and their babies to thrive physically and emotionally at this important time in their lives.

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Mother and Baby

Why Thrive Perinatal

Becoming a new parent is usually an incredibly exciting and wonderful  time, but with this new life experience comes many new questions and the need for reliable advice and holistic medical care. 


Many women find their perinatal experience challenging and overwhelming.    Future, new or expectant mums often have physical and emotional concerns about their fertility, their current pregnancy, their upcoming childbirth, their recovery after birth and the health and well-being of their new baby. 


Dr Miranda Bradley would often find that a short GP clinic appointment was not enough to help women with such a wide  range of needs. Her vision was to create a service that could provide this care.  Her vision has now become a reality and she has established Thrive Perinatal,  a unique and specialised medical service that aims to address ALL perinatal issues in the comfort and familiarity of one's own home.


Home Visit or Telehealth medical consultations

Pregnancy planning:

  • Pregnancy planning, fertility advice, investigations , blood tests, genetic screening 


  • New pregnancy confirmation and managment

  • Pregnancy medical advice, guidance and referral

  • Pregnancy wellness consultations

  • Pregnancy consultation - preparing for birth and parenting

  • Perinatal mental health assessment and management


  • Mum & baby postnatal medical review and checkups  at any stage in the first 12  months

  • Newborn examinations and baby checkups
  • 3-week mum and baby wellness check ​

  • 6-week mum and baby check

  • Postnatal contraception advice

  • Breastfeeding and bottle feeding advice and troubleshooting

  • Preventative health and vaccine advice for mums and babies

Perinatal home visit consultations
Perinatal home visit consultations

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Perinatal telehealth consultations
Perinatal telehealth consultations

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Quick queries
Quick queries

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Perinatal home visit consultations
Perinatal home visit consultations

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